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Ted Kallmyer
Author of The Macro Solution
"Is it possible to get in great shape while eating the foods you love?"

"Can you lose weight and keep it off over the long term?"

"Why can some people successfully transform their bodies while most of us can't?"

...These were the kinds of questions that plagued me for years...
I was jumping from one diet fad to the next...

My personal diet gimmicks included:
- Remove all sugar from the diet…
- Eat only low carb and ketogenic…
- Remove wheat from my diet…
- Eat vegetarian…
- Eat ‘clean’ during the week but splurge on the weekends…

All these bandwagons had something in common:
1. They were hard to stick with.
2. They weren’t compatible in social situations.
3. They couldn’t quite get me to my goals.
I dreamed of having a great physique, but lacked the motivation and knowledge to get there.
Now, Macro Counting has completely overhauled my relationship with food and transformed my body for good.
  • I no longer obsess about a food’s sugar amount.
  •  I no longer deprive myself.
  •  I no longer starve during the week and binge on the weekends.
  •  My body fat percentage keeps dropping.
  •  All possible by eating according to my macros. So simple, but so rewarding.
Here's how most diets work for weight loss

Low Carb
Avoid carbs and eat foods rich in protein & fats

Eat almost no carbs, some protein and mostly fats

Low fat
Avoid foods high in fat and eat mostly protein & carbs

Intermittent Fasting
Restricting your eating period to only a few hours a day

Eat only minimally-processed "paleolithic" foods

Macro Counting
Eat whatever you like, according to your personalized macronutrient goals
SAYING "NO" to the foods you love is NOT the only way... 
Here's Why Macro Counting Is So Powerful
Macro counting is the simple and scientific way to reach your goals by tracking your macronutrient intake (protein, carbs and fats) in a way that supports your body type & lifestyle.
Tracking your food intake, whether it’s your macros or calories, is the most effective way to sustainably change your body composition. 

Macro Counting embraces how your body functions and works with it to achieve the results you're after.
Diets that aren't flexible aren't sustainable. Macro Counting helps end the diet-binge-diet cycle.

Research shows that a more flexible approach leads to less anxiety and more successful weight management over the long term.
You don’t have to workout for hours a day and you don’t have to skip dessert. 

It’s a stupid simple formula that works for every day people who want to get in better shape.
No more eating out of Tupperware while your friends or family eat without you. 

Macro Counting can be used in any environment, so you never have to choose between your friends or your goals ever again.
Your specific macros are adjusted according to your progress. As your body weight changes so do your macros. 

It's a nutritional strategy that changes as you change.
You can start Counting Macros no matter what size your food budget

It's a strategy that can get you results no matter how limited your food choices.
We Use Macro Counting to Help Thousands Of People Change Their Lives Every Month....

I lost 40 pounds while still enjoying pizza!

It’s all about making it fit my macronutrient goal for the day.

It’s easy and it means I barely think about food at all.”

– Mark
“The balance of lifting weights & macro counting has definitely improved my physique, and it's helped me keep my sanity. I couldn’t be any happier!

Thank you for the wonderful program - I have found my happy balance!”

– Vanessa
“I was eating 900 calories or less a day, now I eat over 1500, and have lost consistently 1½ lbs a week and I’m down 35 lbs.”
“I can eat whatever I want (in moderation) and not feel guilty. Going out has become fun again and the binging has stopped… ”
“I’ve lost 50 pounds... I even kept losing weight despite an injury where I couldn’t exercise regularly.”
Jen C
The Macro Solution: Everything You Need To Know About Burning Fat Or Building Muscle
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What's Included?
Fat Loss Edition
This ebook is the complete guide to losing fat with macro counting. Complete with meal plans and recipes, and extensive information on how to track macros.
Muscle Gain Edition
The Muscle Gain edition is written specifically for those with less than 10 pounds to lose, who also want to gain muscle. It has the precise tweaks required to achieve an outstanding physique.
Vegan & Vegetarian Edition
Vegetarian or Vegan? We've got you covered. This version has 100% vegan meal plans and recipes, along with some extra tips for success!
You'll Also Receive
3 more downloads including:
- A massive 50 days of meal plans.
- Guide to eating out.
- Comprehensive guide to the best foods to choose for each macro.
What Will You Learn?
Step-by-step instructions to calculate your optimal unique macro ratios to lose fat without starving yourself.
Quick mouthwatering recipes that anyone can cook complete with macros per serving.
Learn the secrets of painlessly tracking your food intake and counting your macros.
A no-nonsense workout guide that works.
Includes a 10 day meal plan complete with macros per meal. Ideal for helping you learn to count your macros.
Tons of helpful answers not found online.
Read One Woman's Story
"The day I turned 55 years old was a deal breaker.

My endocrinologist had cautioned me it would be very difficult to lose weight. My thyroid disease was mostly under control and I had been gluten-free for a couple years, but yet, I was collecting 2 extra pounds a month.

I began putting the eating plan you gave me into play. The weight slowly and steadily began to fall off. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

You filled in those black holes in my eating that I couldn’t have done without you.

My husband soon contacted you and lost his own 15 pounds.

I cannot explain how hopeless I was when I sought you out and how ecstatic I am after losing 15 lbs., feeling and looking better. My husband says that eating macros was the easiest, hard thing we have done. So true."

– Tamara
What are you waiting for? Start the journey now!
For a limited time, get The Macro Solution is on sale!

$23  $27

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Is this an ebook?
Yes, The Macro Solution is a downloadable ebook. Available instantly once purchase is complete.
When do I get my book?
Instantly! Your purchase confirmation page will have the download links. They will also be emailed to you.
I have a laptop and tablet. Can I use the book on both?
Yes, you can read the book on any device.
What if I have other questions?
Please reach out, we’d love to hear from you.
Can vegetarians use this?
Absolutely! We have a Vegan and Vegetarian Edition just for you.
Is there a recurring charge?
No. You will only be billed ONCE.
What’s the science behind this?
It’s based on the Mifflin, St Jeor formula for determining TDEE (ref), along with the theory of no foods being forbidden as long as they don’t push you over your limits (source – JAMA).
Guaranteed To work
If the Macro Solution Premium doesn’t work for you, a 30-day refund is available. You must send us your macro tracking logs, so we can ensure you followed the program.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
We really believe in The Macro Solution. We've spent years learning, researching & testing and we've helped thousands of people get results. 

That being said, this e-book package comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're disappointed for whatever reason, you'll get every cent back and it's free for you.
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